Media & Entertainment

Some of the leading media executives and some household names in the entertainment world seek taxation and business development advice from Peroys.  We are familiar with music, entertainment, electronic games and media, licensing transactions and contracts.

Peroys have provided the following specialist entertainment services:

  • Production ,Accounting adminisiration and bookkeeping for events,tours  theatre and films;
  • Production budgeting  and scheduling ;
  • Advice on recording contracts and royalty arrangements;
  • Taxation returns and advice for artists, entertainers,actors, sports persons and other occupations in the entertainment industry;
  • Advice on international tax, residency and sportspersons , actors and models
  • Preparation of Information Memroandums for pilots and finance purposes
  • Co production treaty and advice on double tax agreements
  • Advice on taxation  and governemnt grants incentives and producer rebates
  • Migration sponsorship
  • Recruitment of accountants and adminsitration staff
  • Reporting to overseas studios and head offices
  • Reporting to completion guarantors and government incentives providers
  • Royalty and licensing audits
  • Networking staffing , production and other services

Peroys has relationships with other accountants in the UK, US and Europe.

We also specialise in the magazine publishing industry, modelling,  electronic games industry ,events and publicity promotion industry . Gary Peroy was previously  a Director of Derwent Howard,  when it was Australia’s fastest growing magazine publisher.