About Us

Company Profile

The Firm has been established for over 40 years yet has a very young and dynamic team at call.  Established by it’s Founder, Theodore Peroy, in 1967, we have earned a reputation for personal service, professionalism and technical expertise.

Peroys is a boutique firm, which has the capabilities to offer specialised services.  We obtain referrals from banks, lawyers and accounting firms and our growth is largely attributable to recommendations by our clients.

Our People

Gary Peroy - Managing Director

James Peroy - Partner

Chris Richardson - Manager

Our Approach

Since the Firm was founded in 1967, those principles are still the foundation of our approach; personalised service, pride, integrity and responsibility with our work and advice, and attention to detail.

Your advisers will become an integral part of your business.  We will strive to understand your issues, your growth plans and aspirations. Enjoy working with your accountants.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to be the Fastest Growing, Most Trusted Firm that Makes a Difference.

We want to help businesses and people Grow!

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be Australia’s Most Interesting accounting firm with a Passion to Grow, Inspire and Enhance the Value of our Clients.