Peroys is a fast growing and dynamic firm based in Sydney, established by it’s founder, Theodore Peroy, in 1967.

Peroys are more than accountants. We aim to add value to our clients, we strive to understand your needs and play an integral role to build growth and improve your business. We share your passion. Our Partners have a hands-on and extensive involvement in all aspects of our services. Our professionals have the experience of larger firms and deliver without the price tag.

Come and see why businesses and people are growing with Peroys.

"Our Vision is to be the Fastest Growing, most trusted frim that makes a difference.

We want to help businesses and people to grow."

 “For me, creating an Accountancy Practice is like creating a movie without the plaudits and perhaps less glamorous, but the energy, passion and creativity that we feel for our clients is the same- all for the love of the ‘art’ of accounting and our client."
- Gary Peroy, Managing Director